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The Default Mode Network

In neuroscience, the default mode network (DMN), (also default network, or default state network), is a network of interacting brain regions known to have activity highly correlated with each other and distinct from other networks in the brain.[3]

The default mode network is most commonly shown to be active when a person is not focused on the outside world and the brain is at wakeful rest, such as during daydreaming and mind-wandering. But it is also active when the individual is thinking about others, thinking about themselves, remembering the past, and planning for the future.[4][3] The network activates "by default" when a person is not involved in a task. Though the DMN was originally noticed to be deactivated in certain goal-oriented tasks and is sometimes referred to as the task-negative network,[5] it can be active in other goal-oriented tasks such as social working memory or autobiographical tasks.[6] The DMN has been shown to be negatively correlated with other networks in the brain such as attention networks.[7] Thinking about others also could include guessing their thoughts, emotions, and psychological motivations.

Evidence has pointed to disruptions in the DMN with people with Alzheimer’s and autism spectrum disorder.[3]
Tags: disease, networks, neuro, science
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