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unsane - beyond sanity - and yet not insane

The Incubatory Underminer

Guerrilla Metaphysics
I am schizoid. [A decade later: I would say it's my root personality, but a very mild case at this point.]

All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. ~Blade Runner

Be the change you want to see happen, instead of trying to change everyone else. ~Arleen Lorrance

We *have* all met. We have met in the only way that's relevant now. Our minds have met. ~The Cyborg Manifesto

We are star stuff. We are the universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out. ~Delenn (Babylon 5)

The meaning of life is to give life meaning. ~Ken Hudgins

Living below your means is a cheap way to be rich. It's the only easy way to be rich. ~Stewart Brand

Be forewarned, I cheated on a morals test in high school. And my standards haven't improved much.

Hermit. Social.
Happy. Sad. Mad.
Sane. Insane. Unsane.
Opinionated. Opinionless.
Lazy. Apathetic. Motivated.
Bored. Interested. Curious. Entranced.
Nihilist. Atheist. Agnostic. Theist.
Anti-capitalist. Capitalist.
Idealist. Realist. Cynic.
Vegan. Omnivore.

And so here I am, forever searching for those precious few like minds...

- The reason I blog is for interactive discussion, rather than traditional one-way journaling. So, please don't be shy about commenting.
- All my posts are public, aside from a few about what.cd (due to their terms & conditions).

Age: recently celebrated my 3rd Jupiterian birthday.

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