Guerrilla Metaphysics (unsane1) wrote,
Guerrilla Metaphysics

Do You React Or Do You Act?

I've noticed a pattern in the people i and we are surrounded by. I'm surrounded by:

Passengers, rather than drivers.
People who react, rather than act.
People who destroy, rather than create.
People who consume, rather than produce.
People who are static, rather than dynamic.
People who think the future is out of our control, rather than that we create the future.
People who don't appreciate the immensity and the priviledge of existing, i.e. the present.
People who think that history is this far away separate thing, rather than so very recent and integral to their existence and reality.

What we think and give attention to become reality.
Tags: economics, history, psychology, reality, society, the future, thoughts
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